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Halsey Hall Chapter
Society for American Baseball Research

Video Archives of Events


Chapter Meetings
November 2, 2019
      Research Presentations: Rich Arpi, Corky Gaskell, Bob Tholkes
      Featured Speaker: Tink Larson

May 18, 2019
      Research Presentations: Dan Levitt, Sam Haag, Alan Holst

April 21, 2018
      Research Presentations: Warren Woods, Dan Levitt, Anders Koskinen, John Koskinen, Rich Arpi


On-line Baseball Research Tools Workshop
Speakers: Stew Thornley, Jim Cox, Hans Van Slooten, Tom Flynn


2019 SABR Minnesota 19th Century Baseball Interdisciplinary Symposium
Moderators: Brenda Himrich and Sarah Johnson
      Part 1
      Co-Chair: Bob Bailey
      Speakers: John Thorn, Dan Levitt, Mike Haupert, Stew Thornley, Larry Millett, Bob Tholkes

      Part 2
      Speaker: Frank White


2022 - March 28: Zoom call and discussion with Emma Charlesworth-Seiler
      Video |       Zoom Chat (text) |       Audio

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