Procedures for the Webmaster


Adopted 2/5/2005
Revised 10/3/2010


Part One Maintenance of chapter information


The Halsey Hall Chapter webmaster should strive to post accurate, current and timely information about the chapter on the group's website, The current web host is Jumpline in Columbus, Ohio. FTP settings for uploading, downloading and deleting files are:



The passwords will maintained by the webmaster and a copy kept with the chapter president, or a designee.


Much of the timely content of the website can be obtained in tandem with the newsletter editor, and the webmaster should work closely with the chapter president to confirm that the website is meeting the chapter's needs. To spread out the work of maintaining the website, the webmaster has the freedom to invite others to post to the website, but it is important that the webmaster maintain a complete copy of the website at all times. Anyone else posting files should keep the webmaster aware of these changes so the files can be backed up.


Part Two Special content


The Minnesota Baseball History section of the website offers web surfers an opportunity to whet their appetites on the subject, build interest and hopefully lead them to other reliable sources and chapter members for more information. At a higher level, the additional historical content on the website reflects the interests of many SABR members and should act as a selling-point for new members.


Due to the long-term and fact-driven nature of this section of the website, the webmaster must verify the content for accuracy and relevancy before posting or linking to the rest of the website.  This verification may include peer review by subject experts and review by the board.


It is suggested that we do not actively solicit original material and limit submissions to chapter members, giving them another outlet to publish works that may not be solicited by a commercial venue.


It is important to keep the subject material focused on Minnesota baseball, and that the content adheres to copyright law. Unpublished materials have more value, and therefore, are subject to more restrictions in copyright law. Simple facts are not copyrightable and anything published prior to 1923 is automatically in the public domain and free for posting in this section.

Part Three Accessibility

The Halsey Hall Chapter will follow the accessibility standards below for its website:

    Each page should have a descriptive and unique title.

    Links should be well labeled so that the link title clearly indicates the page it leads to.
    Link titles must be clear, informative, and able to stand alone.
    Links to a graphic should be added only to serve as an enhancement to the regular links and navigation.

    Each image must have a complete alternative text description (ALT tag). ALT tags must be clear and informative for each image. The text should include the image description and, if appropriate, the function.

    Table widths must be set by percents (and not more than 100 percent).

Linking to PDF Files
    The following information must be contained within the link: title of the document, type of file, file size, and number of pages, such as (PDF: 82KB/1 pages).
    PDF files should be created in an accessible manner. If this is not possible, an alternative, accessible file format must be offered.

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