Procedures for the Office of President


Adopted 8/8/2004
Revised 4/3/2011


The president presides over the chapter and chairs meetings of the board of directors and the meetings of the full membership at the spring and fall chapter meetings. 


A separate set of procedures has been developed for business meetings and elections.  It is the responsibility of the president to set a time and date for the board meetings, to solicit reports and agenda items from officers and committee chairs in advance, and to distribute the final agenda, including reports on the consent agendas, to board members at least three days in advance of the board meeting. 


Following the election of new directors at the spring chapter meeting, the president should make sure that all outgoing, holdover, and incoming directors are made aware of the date of the next board of directors meeting, at which time the holdover and incoming directors will elect officers from among themselves.


For the business meeting at the semi-annual chapter meetings, the president should make copies of the agenda, including the consent agenda, and distribute it to everyone in attendance at the meeting. 

The president should be familiar with the functions regarding chapter management on the SABR web site and, after the election of new directors and officers each year, should make sure that the new roles are listing for the incoming officers and directors by contacting the SABR webmaster and indicating the changes that need to be made.



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