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The Newsletter of the Halsey Hall Chapter
Society for American Baseball Research (SABR)

September 2008

John Blanchard to Speak at Fall Chapter Meeting October 18
Dr. Fan Present for Ichiro Milestones
Another Nasty Little MLB Quiz from Dr. Fan
New Members
Answers to Another Nasty Little MBL Quiz from Dr. Fan
Board of Directors

John Blanchard to Speak at Fall Chapter Meeting October 18

John Blanchard,a former catcher for the New York Yankees and other teams as well as a great all-around athlete at Central High School in Minneapolis in the 1940s and 1950s, will be the featured guest at the Halsey Hall Fall Chapter Meeting. The meeting will be Saturday, October 18 in the meeting room of the TCF Bank at 459 Lexington Parkway in St. Paul. The bank is located adjacent to the former site of Lexington Park and has a display to the ballpark, including a plaque donated by the Halsey Hall Chapter, on a plaza outside its front doors.

Registration begins at 8:30 and research presentations at 9:00. Lunch will be at noon, followed by John Blanchard at 1:00. Howard Luloff will conduct his always-popular Jeopardy-style baseball quiz around 2:30.

Attendees can head over to the Thornley-Himrich residence (1082 Lovell Avenue, Roseville, 651-415-0791) after the meeting to watch playoffs on television. Click here for a map and directions.

The cost of the meeting is $8 with lunch and $5 without lunch. Please RSVP to Events Chair Howard Luloff at 952-922-5036, hfan77@webtv.net, by October 11.

Members are invited to submit a proposal to make a research presentation at the meeting. Proposals must be made in writing (e-mail is fine) to Research Committee Chair Bob Tholkes, 3966 NE Reservoir Boulevard, Columbia Heights, Minnesota 55421-4069, rjtholkes@msn.com, and should include a title and brief outline of what the presentation will consist of with emphasis on the research that will be included. Standard presentations are 20 minutes (with an additional eight minutes for questions) although the duration may be longer or shorter depending on the needs of the presenter and of the schedule. Generally, up to five presentations may be accommodated, and these will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. The Research Committee (which also consists of Tom Swift, Dan Levitt, Rich Arpi, Cary Smith, and Stew Thornley) will finalize the schedule of research presentations by October 4, two weeks before the meeting, so proposals must be submitted by then.

Dr. Fan Present for Ichiro Milestones

On July 29, 2008, Ichiro Suzuki became the only player to have 3,000 career hits divided between the major leagues of two nations, the United States and Japan, and Seth C. “Dr. Fan” Hawkins was in attendance for the event in Toronto. He was also present two days earlier in Texas when Ichiro tied and broke the record for the most hits in eight consecutive seasons, surpassing the former mark of 1,719 held by Willie Keeler.

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Another Nasty Little MLB Quiz from Dr. Fan

Dr. Fan submitted a set of brain teasers, writing, “Always computerless Gilded Age Baseball Research, aided by a $1 manual calculator and pens and legal pads donated in 1993 by Southern Connecticut State University, checked all players in the Top 100 in career hits and in career batting average (that should catch everyone, right?) to determine the following list, presented here as a quiz.”


1. In retirement, was negative role model for modern youth in terms of his calorie content.

187.47 2. Many consider him the greatest hitter never to play in a World Series; for 83 years, he held the single-season hit record.

3. Only active American League player on the list; in one season fewer than his famous teammate, he has over 100 more career hits.


4. From 1894 to 1901, when Willie Keeler set his since-broken record of 1,719 hits in eight years, this guy had only six fewer hits.


5. Probably does not attend Paul Giamatti film festivals or conduct tax-preparation seminars.


6. First MLB millionaire, not from salary but from stock-market investing fueled by home-state loyalties.


7. The fourth great East Coast center fielder of mid-century, later a broadcaster for the team with which he spent 12 of his 15 seasons.


8. Only active National League player on the list; opposes use of humidors.


9. Like Dr. Fan, rejected blue-collar origins to become a formal and distant patrician, but in pinstripes.


A. Who will probably join this list at the bottom in two-to-three years?


B. Who will likely join this list at the top after 2010?

Answers to Another Nasty Little MBL Quiz from Dr. Fan below

New Members

The chapter welcomes new members Paul Mumma, James Hamilton, and Shane Hamilton.

Answers to Another Nasty Little MBL Quiz from Dr. Fan

1. Kirby Puckett
2. George Sisler
3. Derek Jeter
4. Jesse “Crab” Burkett
5. Pete Rose
6. Ty Cobb (Coca-Cola was the investment)
7. Richie Ashburn
8. Todd Helton
9. Joe DiMaggio

A. Alex Rodriguez (alluded to in number 3, at 166.67 after 2007)
B. Ichiro, over 227 after 2007!

Addition to August trivia answer:
Dr. Fan had submitted the names of four players who hit the first 300-plus homers of their major-league careers under one manager (Jimmie Foxx, 302 under Connie Mack; Mickey Mantle, 320 under Casey Stengel; Andruw Jones, 368 under Bobby Cox; Chipper Jones, 405 under Bobby Cox as of August 23, 2008). After Dr. Fan submitted the quiz but before it was published, another player joined the list: Albert Pujols, who now has 309 home runs under Tony LaRussa. Thanks to Fred Buckland for catching the omission on the part of the newsletter editor.

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    September 6—Hot Stove Saturday Morning, Bakers Square, 66th and Xerxes, Richfield, 9:00 a.m. For more information, contact Mark Johnson, 952-831-1153, baseballbooks@comcast.net.

    September 14—Research Roundtable, Perkins Restaurant, 4917 Eden Avenue, Edina, 6:00 p.m. For more information, contact Bob Tholkes, 763-781-6161, rjtholkes@msn.com.

    October 4—Book Club Meeting, Barnes & Noble, Har Mar Mall, Roseville, 9:30 a.m., Ed Barrow:The Bulldog Who Built the Yankees’ First Dynasty by Daniel R. Levitt. For more information, contact Tom Dolen, 651-483-8617, or Art Mugalian, 612-721-2825, amugalian@comcast.net.

    October 18—Fall Chapter Meeting. For more information, contact Howard Luloff, 952-922-5036, Hfan77@webtv.net.

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