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The Newsletter of the Halsey Hall Chapter
Society for American Baseball Research (SABR)

November 2005

Herb a Hit at Fall Chapter Meeting
2006 SABR Convention
Cow Chips
Crusher Dead at 79
November Birthdays
Board of Directors

Herb a Hit at Fall Chapter Meeting
Howard Luloff Herb Carneal
Events Committee Chair “Hat’s Off” Howard Luloff (left) served as master of ceremonies for the Fall Chapter Meeting, entertaining the audience and keeping the program on schedule, and featured guest Herb Carneal talked of his career in sportscasting while regaling the audience with stories of chapter namesake Halsey Hall, one of his former partners.

Longtime Twins announcer Herb Carneal was the featured guest at the Fall Chapter Meeting for the Halsey Hall SABR Chapter on October 22. A group of 20 listened to Herb’s stories about his career in baseball broadcasting, which covers more than 50 years. The baseball press box at the Metrodome was named after Herb earlier in the month in recognition of his more than four decades at the microphone for the Twins. Herb joined Ray Scott and Halsey Hall on the Twins broadcast crew in 1962. Prior to that, he had been the announcer for the Baltimore Orioles as well as the Phillies and Athletics in Philadelphia in 1954. He also broadcast minor-league baseball as well as other sports.

The morning portion of the meeting opened with a retrospective by Howard Luloff on memorable featured guests the chapter has had since its first regional meeting in 1981. This was followed by research presentations from Dan Levitt (the effects of free agency on the 2001 Seattle Mariners team that won 116 during the regular season), Chuck Blomquist (the 100th Midnight Sun Game, held this past summer in Fairbanks, Alaska), Stew Thornley (Roberto Clemente’s 1954 season with the Montreal Royals, which served as the basis for a discussion on factchecking and accuracy in research), and Bob Tholkes (the career of Fred “Hack” Spencer).

In the trivia contest that afternoon, Cary Smith’s team pulled out a 1-0 win over a team captained by Thornley.

The semi-annual business meeting was held during lunch and included the following:

  • A research committee consisting of Tom Swift, Stew Thornley, Dan Levitt, and Cary Smith was formed. The group will report on its mission and proposed activities at the December 4 board of directors meeting.
  • The chapter approved up to $150 toward the reinstallation of the Lexington Park plaque on the former site of the ballpark.
  • Rich Arpi will again coordinate a chapter booth for Twinsfest, which will be held from January 27 to 29. As always, volunteers are sought to staff the booth.
  • The date for the Spring Chapter Meeting will be set at the December board meeting. Possibilities are April 15, May 6, and May 13.

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2006 SABR Convention
The 2006 Society for American Baseball Research convention will be held at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Seattle from Thursday, June 29 to Sunday, July 2. Jim Bouton will be the keynote speaker. The Mariners will be playing the Colorado Rockies that weekend.

A special SABR room rate of $99 plus tax per night is available at the Renaissance Seattle Hotel. Reserve a room by calling 800-266-9432 and asking for the SABR room rate or registering on-line at http://www.renaissanceseattle.com/sabr.

Cow Chips
Brent Peterson and Dan Cagley were featured on Public Television’s Almanac: Hands on History in a segment on Stillwater. Dan talked about Bud Fowler, an early black baseball pioneer who played for Stillwater in 1884, and Brent, director of the Washington County Historical Society, gave host Mary Lahammer a tour of Stillwater’s historic spots.

Gregg Nelson went to Chicago for the first two games of the World Series and saw his brother Jeff umpire first base and home plate in those games.

Roger Godin, team curator for the Minnesota Wild, has been featured in Southside Journal for the new exhibits he has put up at the Wild’s arena.

Cary Smith has had his article, Racial History of Washington, D. C., Sports, published by Southside Journal.

Deano Thilgen was mentioned in an article on vintage base ball in the Wall Street Journal. Ever modest, Deano pointed out that the author of the article, Joseph Pereira, erred in identifying him as the founder of the Vintage Base Ball Association.

Crusher Dead at 79
Marc Hugunin pointed out that the October 22 death of The Crusher is baseball-related because The Crusher was the Man Who Made Milwaukee Famous and, in Marc’s words, “Milwaukee once had a major-league baseball team.”

The chapter extends its condolences to The Crusher family (as well as to our Wisconsin members for the crack on Milwaukee baseball).

The Crusher
The Crusher

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November Birthdays
    1—Tom Swift (also Bid McPhee, Vic Power, Grantland Rice, Fernando Valenzuela, and Larry Flynt)
    4—Pete Gorton (also Bobby Wallace, Carlos Baerga, Eric Karros, Tito Francona, Dick Groat, Carl Sawatski, Walter Cronkite, Will Rogers, and Laura Bush)
  17—Kyle McNary (also Tom Seaver, Jim Brewer, George Stallings, Orlando Pena, Jeff Nelson, Mitch Williams, and Danny DeVito)
  26—Ron Henry (also Lefty Gomez, Hugh Duffy, Bob Elliott, Fred Tenney, Richie Hebner, Jorge Orta, and Charles Schulz)
  27—Frank Gill and Steve Richardson Lou Michaels (also Jimmy Rollins, Bullet Joe Bush, Ted Husing, Dave Giusti, Jose Tartabull, Johnny Blood, Jimi Hendrix, Caroline Kennedy, and Buffalo Bob Smith)
  30—Rodger Coauette and Bill Stixrud (also Ivan Rodriguez, Bo Jackson, Ray Durham, Bob Tewksbury, Joe Kerrigan, Juan Berenguer, Steve Hamilton, Firpo Marberry, Abbie Hoffman, G. Gordon Liddy, Des’ree, Winston Churchill, and Mark Twain)

    December 10—Book Club Meeting, Barnes & Noble, Edina, 9:30 a.m., The Book on the Book: A Landmark Inquiry into Which Strategies in the Modern Game Actually Work by Bill Felber. For more information, contact Tom Swift,507-645-2280, tomswift@nickelcurves.com.

    November 5—Hot Stove Saturday Morning, Bakers Square, 66th and Xerxes, Richfield, 9:00 a.m. For more information, contact Mark Johnson: 612-822-9638, mjohn@mr.net.

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