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The Newsletter of the Halsey Hall Chapter
Society for American Baseball Research (SABR)

May 2020

Stew Thornley

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  • Halsey Hall Chapter Meeting—Virtual or Otherwise—Set for June 13
  • Halsey Hall Chapter Member among Those in SABR Election
  • Answer to the Unknown SABR Member
  • Hot Stove Saturday Stroll
  • Answers to Retroquiz and a Couple Other Quizzes
  • New Members
  • Cow Pies
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  • Calendar
  • Board of Directors
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    Halsey Hall Chapter Meeting—Virtual or Otherwise—Set for June 13
    Coronavirus disease has done something that rain, sleet, snow, tornadoes, floods, drought, famine, political scandals, and locust hordes have not been able to do: slow down the oldest and one of the most active chapters in the Society for American Baseball Research.

    Fortunately, Halsey Hall Chapter president Dave Lande is on top of it and, being a young guy who knows all the new-fangled technology (and who just had his eighth grandchild), will make sure we have a spring chapter meeting of some type on Saturday, June 13. Depending upon conditions in the world, we may meet as we always do, in person, or we may get together virtually (in which case members will have to provide their own Hamm’s beer).

    The activities will vary depending on what is possible, but the semi-annual chapter business meeting will be held. At this meeting, the chapter will elect three members to two-year terms on the board of directors. The incoming and holdover directors will then meet on Sunday, June 28 to elect, from among them, a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer for 2020-2021. Contact Dave, davelande@msn.com, if you are interested in being a candidate for the board.

    More details will be in the June newsletter. If it will be a virtual meeting June 13, there will not be a link for the event in the newsletter. You may have read about “zoombombing” with people disrupting Zoom meetings, sometimes in obscene ways. The happened with a SABR live session with Rob Neyer, and Jacob Pomrenke sent a notice to chapter leaders with precautions to take for these kinds of meetings. One is to not share a link in a public forum, such as this newsletter. So a direct email to all chapter members will be sent, with a link, when details are available.

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    Halsey Hall Chapter Member among Those in SABR Election
    Voting begins April 20 for the SABR board of directors. Members will receive a message from SABR with a link to vote or a paper ballot along with an election guide, which contains candidate statements.

    Dan Levitt is one of the candidates for the director position, along with Karl Cicitto, Tara Krieger, John McMurray, and Gregory H. Wolf. In addition, Leslie Heaphy is running for vice president and F. X. Flinn for treasurer.

    All members are encouraged to vote. The erection ends at 11:59 p.m. May 4.

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    Answer to the Unknown SABR Member
    Remember when Dear Abby or Ann Landers or one of those interchangable people concluded a column with Confidential to . . . , a way to send a private message? That’s sort of what is going on here, although everyone is welcome to read it. Your trusty crusty editor forgot who sent him a question, so he is repeating it here with the answer.

    A chapter member inquired about an item by Edgar Munzel of the Chicago Sun-Times on page 21 of the December-January 1961 Baseball Digest. Munzel challenged a couple of scoring rules. One was the prohibition of giving an error for failure to put out a batter-runner with a bad throw on a double-play relay. Munzel added, “Just as absurd is awarding a sacrifice to a batter even though his team is behind 10-0, just because there happens to be a runner on first base when he lays down a bunt.”

    The inquiring member asked about the scoring rules of the time. Your crusty editor finally remembered the question, if not the questioner, and looked up the answer. Not until 1967 was this added to the sacrifice rule: “Do not score a sacrifice bunt when, in the judgment of the scorer, the batter is bunting for a basehit and not solely for the purpose of advancing a runner or runners. Charge the batter with a time at bat. Note: in applying the rule always give the batter the benefit of the doubt.”

    Perhaps Munzel had some influence in this addition even though his other contention, about not giving an error on a bad double-play relay (unless it caused additional advancement by a runner or runners), has not been changed.

    An interesting situation in 2005: On September 14 the Twins played at Detroit and trailed 4-2 in the top of the ninth with Nick Punto on first and no out. Luis Rodriguez was credited with a sacrifice when bunted and was thrown out at first with Punto advancing to second. Since Punto did not represent the tying run in a last-chance inning, this was not a sacrifice situation. So why was the sacrifice awarded? The reason Rodriguez bunted as he did—in a standard sacrifice manner rather than a drag bunt— was miscommunication between the Minnesota dugout, the third-base coach, and/or Rodriguez. Even though a sacrifice clearly didn’t make sense, Rodriguez was not bunting for a hit, and official scorer Chuck Klonke was correct in awarding the sacrifice.

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    Hot Stove Saturday Stroll

    SABR members stroll around Lake of the Isles

    Seven SABR strollers found a way to socialize from a nice distance of six to nine feet apart by sauntering and scootering around Lake of the Isles on Saturday, April 18. Photographer Brenda Himrich captured the remaining sextet, from left to right, Sarah Johnson, Art Mugalian, Brenda’s husband, Howard Luloff, Rich Arpi, and Dan Levitt. Below, Sarah poses demurely in front of the house she will buy when she wins the lottery. The group plans future lake walks around Lake of the Isles, Bde Maka Ska, and/or Lake Harriet. Contact Brenda’s husband if you would like to be notified of these events.

    Sarah Johnson posing in front of her future home

    Other members (below) are escaping isolation in virtual ways, such as a Google hangout to watch games from the past. On April 17, a quintet watched and kibbitzed about a 1979 Pittsburgh at Montreal game.

    SABR members hang out on Google and watch Expos-Pirates game

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    Answers to Retroquiz and a Couple Other Quizzes
    Below are the answers to the Retroquiz in the April 2020 issue

    Gene Gomes got 47-1/2 points (getting a half-point for answering “some pitcher for Detroit in the 40s” for Hal Newhouser) out of 107 possible points, not counting the bonus question.

    1. Shawn Green
    2. Horace Clarke
    3. Bert Campaneris, Cesar Tovar, Scott Sheldon, Shane Halter
    4. Tony Oliva, Bob Allison, Jimmie Hall, Harmon Killebrew
    5. Charlie Robertson, Don Larsen, Jim Bunning, Sandy Koufax, Catfish Hunter, Len Barker, Mike Witt, Tom Browning, Dennis Martinez, Kenny Rogers, David Wells, David Cone, Randy Johnson, Mark Buehrle, Dallas Braden, Roy Halladay
    6. Carl Pavano
    7. Mike Bacsik
    8. Fernando Tatis
    9. Carlos Baerga, Mark Bellhorn
    10. 26
    11. Johnny Damon
    12. Andre Dawson
    13. Eric Bruntlett
    14. Jim Bottomley, Mark Whiten
    15. Ray Knight
    16. Gary Gaetti, Al Newman, Kent Hrbek
    17. Casey Stengel, Yogi Berra, Joe Torre, Dallas Green
    18. Joe McCarthy, Yogi Berra, Dick Williams, Jim Leyland, Alvin Dark
    19. 1B-Jimmy Foxx, Frank Thomas, and Albert Pujols; 2B-Joe Morgan; SS-Ernie Banks; 3B-Mike Schmidt; OF-Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, Dale Murphy, and Barry Bonds; C-Yogi Berra; P-Hal Newhouser
    20. Pete Rose, National League; Don Kessinger, American League
    21. Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Roberto Clemente, Al Kaline, Pete Rose, Lou Brock, Carl Yastrzemski, Rod Carew, Robin Yount, George Brett, Dave Winfield, Eddie Murray, Paul Molitor, Tony Gwynn, Wade Boggs, Cal Ripken, Rickey Henderson, Rafael Palmeiro, Craig Biggio, Derek Jeter
    22. Gaylord Perry, Steve Carlton, Tom Seaver, Phil Niekro, Don Sutton, Nolan Ryan, Roger Clemens, Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, Randy Johnson
    23. Jason Donald
    24. John Lee Richmond and John Montgomery Ward
    25. Tom Seaver and Steve Carlton
    26. Milt Pappas
    27. Bell: Gus/Buddy/David and Mike; Boone: Ray/Bob/Aaron and Bret; Coleman: Joe/Joe/Casey; Hairston: Sam/Jerry/Jerry and Scott
    28. Fred Lynn
    29. Robin Yount
    30. Babe Dahlgren
    Tiebreaker—Brady Anderson, Jose Bautista, Albert Belle, Barry Bonds, Cecil Fielder, Prince Fielder, Jimmy Foxx, Luis Gonzalez, Hank Greenberg, Ken Griffey Jr., Ryan Howard, Andruw Jones, Ralph Kiner, Mickey Mangle, Roger Maris, Willie Mays, Mark McGwire, Johnny Mize, David Ortiz, Alex Rodriguez, Babe Ruth, Sammy Sosa, Jim Thome, Greg Vaughn, Hack Wilson

    A couple other members came up with their own questions, to wit (twit):

    Dana Marshall was at Nicollet Park July 10, 1949 when Indianapolis tied an American Association record by scoring 40 runs in a doubleheader in 20-5 and 20-8 wins over Minneapolis. Dana saw all 48 runs by the teams as he stayed all 16 innings (the second game was 7 innings). Dana wasn’t at the May 2, 1939 game in Detroit when Lou Gehrig didn’t play for the first time in nearly 14 years, but he said two players played in the May 2, 1939 New York at Detroit game as well as in the July 10, 1949 doubleheader in Minneapolis. Who were they? As a bonus, who was the umpire in the second game July 10, 1949 after having played in the National Football League and coached in the Basketball Association of America?

    Gene Gomes provided another quiz. Name the players who hit the most home runs in each of these ballparks:

    1. Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium
    2. Candlestick Park
    3. Fenway Park
    4. Griffith Stadium
    5. Jacobs Field
    6. Polo Grounds
    7. Yankee Stadium 1923-2008
    8. Metropolitan Stadium
    9. Metrodome
    10. Target Field

    Bonus: Through 2019, who hit the most home runs in Miller Park?

    Answers below

    New Members
    The Halsey Hall Chapter welcomes William O’Keefe, David Jacobsen, Jack Takes, and Rob Schoene.

    Know a potential member? Here are resources for getting that person happily involved in SABR:

    Membership application

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    Cow Pies
    Marc Huguinin is downsizing, good news for those who aren’t or who are upsizing, since it means a lot of baseball memorabilia and publications are looking for a new home. Contact Marc at marc.hugunin@gmail.com if you want to know more.

    Strychnine, scandal, killings, provocative headlines, and more are part of the life story of Llewellyn Legg, who played for Duluth in 1886 and St. Paul in 1887 and is the subject of ongoing research by Anthony Bush. Anthony plans to start a website about Legg. Stay tuned for updates.

    A couple of members have had articles published in the SABR BioProject and Games Project, respectively, t’wit (to wit):

    Dan Levitt and Joel Rippel have entries in the SABR book, Whales, Terriers, and Terrapins: The Federal League 1914-15, which is available for a free download.

    Bob Tholkes has an article, The 26 Run Half Inning, on page 10 of the Spring 2020 Nineteenth Century Notes, the newsletter of the SABR Nineteenth Century Committee.

    Lloyd Kepple was featured in Chip Scoggins’s column in the April 12, 2020 Star Tribune: Special Breed of Longtime, Dedicated Fan Waits for Return of Baseball and the Twins

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    Quiz Answers
    Les Fleming pinch-hit for Detroit May 2, 1939 and played first base for Indianapolis in both games July 10, 1949. Vern Kennedy was the starting and losing pitcher when the Tigers lost to the Yankees 22-2 May 2, 1939 and was the starting and losing pitcher for the Millers in the second game July 10, 1949. Hank Soar was the plate umpire in the second game July 10, 1949.

    Most home runs by ballpark: Dale Murphy (Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium), Willie McCovey (Candlestick Park), Ted Williams (Fenway Park), Roy Sievers (Griffith Stadium), Jim Thome (Jacobs Field), Mel Ott (Polo Grounds), Mickey Mantle (Yankee Stadium), Harmon Killebrew (Metropolitan Stadium), Kent Hrbek (Metrodome), Brian Dozier (Target Field). Bonus: Ryan Braun (Miller Park).

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        May 2—Spring Chapter Meeting, 9:00 a.m, Faith Mennonite Church, Minneapolis. For more information, contact Howard Luloff, 952-922-5036. Postponed to June 13

        May 9—Fred Souba Hot Stove League Saturday Morning, Bunny’s, Minneapolis, 9:00 a.m. Postponed to July 11

        May 11—Research Committee meeting, 7:00-9:00 p.m., Brookdale Library, Study Room F. For more information, contact Brenda Himrich, 651-415-0791, or Sarah Johnson. BANGED

       June 6Book Club, Barnes & Noble, Har Mar Mall, Roseville, 9:30 a.m., The Cubs Way: The Zen of Building the Best Team in Baseball and Breaking the Curse by Tom Verducci. Rescheduled from April 11

        June 13—Spring Chapter Meeting. For more information, contact Dave Lande, 651-770-8666. Rescheduled from May 2

        June 14—Townball: Elko Express at Rochester Royals, Mayo Field. For more information, contact Howard Luloff, 952-922-5036.

        July 11—Fred Souba Hot Stove League Saturday Morning, Bunny’s, Minneapolis, 9:00 a.m. Rescheduled from May 8

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    Board of Directors 2019-2020
    President—Dave Lande
    Vice President—Hans Van Slooten
    Secretary—Anders Koskinen
    Treasurer—Jerry Janzen
    Jim Cox
    Gene Gomes
    Frank Kadwell

    Events Committee Chair—Howard Luloff
    Research Committee Chairs—Brenda Himrich and Sarah Johnson

    The Holy Cow! Editor—Stew Thornley
    Webmaster—John Gregory 
    Ass. Webmasters—Frank Kadwell, Hans Van Slooten, and Stew Thornley
    Social Media Directors—Tom Flynn, Twitter; Bob Komoroski, Facebook

    Halsey Hall Chapter Web Page

    Past issues of The Holy Cow! are available on-line.

    Chapter History

    Chapter Procedures and By-Laws

    Society for American Baseball Research

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