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The Newsletter of the Halsey Hall Chapter
Society for American Baseball Research (SABR)

June 2010

New Directors and Officers Elected
New Member
Board of Directors

New Directors and Officers Elected

At the May 22 chapter meeting, Jerry Janzen, Cary Smith, and Bob Tholkes were elected to two-year terms to the board of directors to fill the expiring terms of Janzen, Gary Hackenmueller, and Art Mugalian. They join holdover directors Kevin Hennessy, Scot Johnson, Fred Buckland, and George Rekela on the 2010-2011 board of directors.

From this group, Kevin Hennessy was re-elected president for the coming year, George Rekela re-elected vice president, Jerry Janzen re-elected treasurer, and Bob Tholkes elected secretary. As vice president, George appointed chairs of the standing committees by retaining current Events Chair Howard Luloff and appointing Stew Thornley as chair of the Research Committee.

The date for the fall chapter meeting has been set for Saturday, October 16.

Recap of Spring Chapter Meeting
More than 30 SABR members and guests, including Mike Frank from New York, Rick Schabowski, Bob Buege, Gregg Hoffmann, Dennis Degenhardt from the Ken Keltner Chapter in Wisconsin, and Howard Luloff, Art Mugalian, Jed Levitt, Lee Temanson, Brenda Himrich, Phyllis Thornley, Tom Swift, George Savanick, Roger Godin, Fred Buckland, Mendal Mearkle, Rich Arpi, Mark Johnson, Kevin Hennessy, Dave Jensen, Gregg Nelson, Dan Levitt, Lloyd Kepple, Jerry Janzen, Doug Skipper, George Rekela, Chad Nordstrom, Fritz Reeker, Cary Smith, Bob Tholkes, and your trusty crusty editor attended the Halsey Hall Spring Chapter Meeting on May 22.

Doug Grow, who covered the Twins for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, was the featured speaker at the May 22 chapter meeting and had some inside stories on Calvin Griffith, Ron Davis, Zoilo Versalles, and the 1967 pennant race. Tom Swift (below left) and S. Thornley (below right) gave research presentations

Tom Swift Stew Thornley

The Keltner Chapter is hosting an event on Saturday, June 26 in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, with presentations on baseball history from 1 to 4:30 p.m. (with invitations for presentations presented to the Halsey Hall Chapter and the Field of Dreams Chapter in Iowa). That night, the group will attend a Northwoods League game between the LaCrosse Loggers and the Wisconsin Woodchucks at Copeland Park. The cost for the meeting and ballgame is $20, cost for dinner and ballgame only is $10. For more information or to register, contact Gregg Hoffmann, gregghof@aol.com, or Rick Schabowski, rickiu76@aol.com.

Doug Ernst is maintaining a video library of our chapter meetings. To inquire about getting a DVD with the proceedings, send a message to halseyholycowhall@gmail.com.

New Member

The Halsey Hall Chapter welcomes new member Chad Nordstrom.


Cristian Guzman hitting into triple play
Your crusty editor caught on film (or whatever digital is caught on) the beginning of a triple play hit into by the Nationals’ Cristian Guzman in a May 19 game in Washington against the New York Mets. Centerfielder Angel Pagan, who had hit an inside-the-park home run earlier in the game, made a shoestring catch of Guzman’s short fly while the runners, Livan Hernandez and Nyjer Morgan, advanced to the next base. Pagan flipped to shortstop Jose Reyes but overshot him. Catcher Henry Blanco retrieved the ball and threw to Reyes, standing on second, to double off Hernandez. Reyes then threw to Ike Davis at first to triple off Morgan. The play involved several former Twins—Guzman, Hernandez, and Blanco— as well as Davis, the son of former Twins reliever Ron Davis.


    July 10—Hot Stove Saturday Morning, Bakers Square, 66th and Xerxes, Richfield, 9:00 a.m. For more information, contact Mark Johnson, 952-831-1153, baseballbooks@comcast.net.

    July 25—Research Committee Meeting. For more information, contact Stew Thornley, 651-45-0791, stew@stewthornley.net.

    August 14—Book Club Meeting, Barnes & Noble, Har Mar Mall, Roseville, 9:30 a.m., As They See ‘Em Time: A Fan’s Travels in the Land of Umpires by Bruce Weber and/or The Men in Blue: Conversations with Umpires by Larry R. Gerlach. For more information, contact Tom Dolen, 651-483-8617, or Art Mugalian, 612-721-2825, amugalian@comcast.net.

    August 15—Halsey Hall Chapter Board Meeting, 6 p.m. For more information, contact Kevin Hennessy, 651-651-492-2298, kwhennes@ties2.net.

    October 16—Fall Chapter Meeting. For more information, contact Howard Luloff, 952-922-5036, Hfan77@webtv.net.  

Board of Directors 2009-2010
President—Kevin Hennessy
Vice President—George Rekela
Secretary—Art Mugalian
Treasurer—Jerry Janzen
Fred Buckland
Gary Hackenmueller
Scot Johnson  

Board of Directors 2010-2011
President—Kevin Hennessy
Vice President—George Rekela
Secretary—Bob Tholkes
Treasurer—Jerry Janzen
Fred Buckland
Scot Johnson
Cary Smith

The Holy Cow! Editor—Stew Thornley
Webmaster—John Gregory 

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