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The Newsletter of the Halsey Hall Chapter
Society for American Baseball Research (SABR)

June 2008

Chapter Meeting Recap
Directors, Officers Elected
New Location for June 14 Book Club Meeting
Board of Directors

Chapter Meeting Recap

Rocky Johnson

More than 20 members attended the spring chapter meeting May 3 in southeast Minneapolis and were treated to an appearance by Bob “Rocky” Johnson, an Edina native who played 11 years in the major leagues. Rocky told the group he had been “blessed with a lot of desire,” which was nurtured by Howard Merriman, his coach in midget’s baseball in Edina. The desire helped Rocky make it through more than 2,500 at-bats in the minor leagues before making to the majors. Rocky had interesting stories about teammates Jackie Brandt (who once lost a fly ball in the moon) and prankster Moe Drabowsky, who carried a suitcase full of firecrackers and cherry bombs.

The meeting also featured research presentations by Dave Laliberte on Baseball at Native American Boarding Schools in Minnesota: A History and by John Rosengren on his new book, Hammerin’ Hank, George Almighty & The Say Hey Kid: The Year that Changed Baseball Forever. In addition, a panel consisting of Art Mugalian, Kevin Hennessy, Scot Johnson, Lee Temanson, and Bob Evans spoke about their research and writing experiences for the Minnesotans in baseball book that the chapter is producing.

Howard Luloff was suave and entertaining, as usual, in handling masters of ceremonies duties and also provided a baseball quiz. The group was divided into teams for the quiz with Team Smith kicking butt over Team Thornley.

Directors, Officers Elected

At the May 3 chapter meeting, Gary Hackenmueller, Jerry Janzen, and Art Mugalian were elected to two-year terms to the board of directors to fill the expiring terms of Mugalian, George Rekela, and Dan Levitt. They join holdover directors Armand Peterson, Doug Ernst, Lee Temanson, and Stew Thornley on the 2008-09 board of directors.

From this group, Art Mugalian was elected president for the coming year, Lee Temanson vice president, Jerry Janzen treasurer, and Armand Peterson secretary. As vice president, Lee appointed chairs of the standing committees by retaining current Events Chair Howard Luloff and Membership Chair Stew Thornley and appointing Bob Tholkes as chair of the Research Committee and Art Mugalian as chair of the Book Club.

The date for the fall chapter meeting has been set for Saturday, October 18. An evening baseball party that will include watching a playoff game on television (if one is being played) will be held at the Thornley-Himrich home in Roseville that night.

New Location for June 14 Book Club Meeting

The next meeting of the book club, on Saturday, June 14 at 9:30 a.m., will be at the Barnes & Noble in Mall of America. The club will discuss Chief Bender’s Burden: The Silent Struggle of a Baseball Star by Tom Swift. The meeting will be in the Bloomington shopping center to coincide with a book signing Swifty will be doing at Barnes & Noble later that day.

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    June 14—Book Club Meeting, Barnes & Noble, Mall of America, Bloomington, 9:30 a.m., Chief Bender’s Burden: The Silent Struggle of a Baseball Star by Tom Swift. For more information, contact Tom Dolen, 651-483-8617, or Art Mugalian, 612-721-2825, amugalian@comcast.net.

    July 19—Hot Stove Saturday Morning, Bakers Square, 66th and Xerxes, Richfield, 9:00 a.m. For more information, contact Mark Johnson, 952-831-1153, baseballbooks@comcast.net.

    July 20—Research Roundtable, Perkins Restaurant, 4917 Eden Avenue, Edina, 6:00 p.m. For more information, contact Bob Tholkes, 763-781-6161, rjtholkes@msn.com.

    October 18—Fall Chapter Meeting. For more information, contact Howard Luloff, 952-922-5036, Hfan77@webtv.net.

Halsey Hall Chapter
Board of Directors 2007-2008
President—Dan Levitt
Vice President—Lee Temanson
Secretary—Armand Peterson
Treasurer—Doug Ernst
Art Mugalian
George Rekela
Stew Thornley

Board of Directors 2008-2009
President—Art Mugalian
Vice President—Lee Temanson
Secretary—Armand Peterson
Treasurer—Jerry Janzen
Doug Ernst
Gary Hackenmueller
Stew Thornley

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Webmaster—John Gregory 

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