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The Newsletter of the Halsey Hall Chapter
Society for American Baseball Research (SABR)

July 2006

Ceremony for Lexington Park Plaque Re-installation August 12
Swinging for the Fences to Receive SABR Research Award
Fall Chapter Meeting Set for October 21
Phil Lowry Seeks More Information on Marathon Games
Subscription Renewals Due July 1
New Members
Check Personal Information on MySABR
Board of Directors

Ceremony for Lexington Park Plaque Re-installation August 12
A ceremony will be held at noon on Saturday, August 12 for a plaque to mark the site of Lexington Park in St. Paul. The plaque will be in the plaza area of the new TCF Bank branch on Lexington Avenue, south of University Avenue. The Halsey Hall Chapter purchased this plaque in 1994 after raising money from former players and fans. It was installed on the side of a building on the site. The chapter got the plaque back a few years ago before the building was demolished and donated it to TCF Bank. All chapter members are welcome to attend the ceremony. Lexington Park was home to the St. Paul Saints from 1897 to 1956.

Swinging for the Fences to Receive SABR Research Award

Swinging for the Fences: Black Baseball in Minnesota will receive The Sporting News-Society for American Baseball Research Award. This anthology was edited by Halsey Hall Chapter member Steve Hoffbeck with contributions from fellow chapter members Dan Cagley, Pete Gorton, the late Jim Karn, Kyle McNary, Joel Rippel, and Jay Weiner.

Swinging for the Fences: Black Baseball in Minnesota is the third book by a Halsey Hall Chapter member to receive a SABR research award. The other two are Paths to Glory: How Great Baseball Teams Got That Way, co-authored by Dan Levitt, which received the The Sporting News-SABR Baseball Research Award in 1994, and On to Nicollet: The Glory and Fame of the Minneapolis Millers, which received the Macmillan-SABR (now the McFarland-SABR) Baseball Research Award in 1988.

Other SABR Honors:
Todd Peterson has been selected as a recipient of a Yoseloff-SABR Baseball Research Grant for 2006. The focus of his study will be the championship season of the 1909 St. Paul Colored Gophers.

Tom Swift wrote a profile of Larry Hisle that was published in the inaugural issue (Summer 2006) of 108 Magazine, a quarterly magazine devoted to baseball.

Fall Chapter Meeting Set for October 21

The Halsey Hall Chapter fall meeting will be held Saturday, October 21 at a yet-to-be determined location. The group will be invited that night to the Himrich-Thornley home in Roseville to watch the opening game of the World Series.

Members are invited to submit a proposal to make a research presentation at the meeting. The proposal must be made in writing (e-mail is fine) to Research Committee chair Dan Levitt, 2205 Newton Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55405-2431, danrl@attglobal.net, and should include a title and brief outline of what the presentation will consist of with emphasis on the research that will be included.

Standard presentations are 20 minutes (with an additional eight minutes for questions) although the duration may be longer or shorter depending on the needs of the presenter and of the schedule. Generally, up to five presentations may be accommodated, and these will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Research Committee (which also consists of Cary Smith, Tom Swift, Deano Thilgen, and Stew Thornley) will finalize the schedule of research presentations two weeks before the meeting, so proposals must be submitted by then.

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Phil Lowry Seeks More Information on Marathon Games

Phil Lowry says that research into marathons lasting 20 or more innings in Minnesota has led to several recent discoveries, including a 28-inning game in Lastrup on July 23, 2005, the seventh-longest game ever played in the United States (10th longest, including other countries). “But this has also resulted in gaps and holes in the data, with missing details,” adds Phil, who would appreciate hearing from anyone who can provide details for the games listed below. Contact Phil at 4323 Woodhill Road, Minnetonka, Minnesota 55345-2958 or via e-mail at plowry1176@aol.com.

A World War I-era 21-inning Southern Minnesota League game between Mankato and Owatonna is mentioned on page 10 of the July 12, 1951 Austin Daily Herald and in the August 30, 1953 Albert Lea Sunday Tribune. So it was played between 1914 and 1918, although it may mean 1917 or 1918 since the U.S. did not get into the war until 1917. Unknown information:

  • What was the date of this game?
  • What were the ballparks used in these two cities in 1914-1918?
  • Was the Southern Minnesota League an official minor league in 1914-1918?

There was a 21-inning game played in St. Cloud in June 1912. The Collegians defeated Abeles 5 to 2. Unknown information:

  • What was the date of this game?
  • What ballpark was used in St. Cloud in 1912?

There was a 20-inning game played in Arlington on August 26, 1976 in which Cyrus defeated the Fairfax Cardinals 2 to 1 in 4 hours 35 minutes. Unknown information:

  • What was the name of the ballpark in Arlington in 1976?
  • What was the nickname of the Cyrus team in 1976?
  • What would the official name of the town team league be?

The August 11, 1952 Austin Daily Herald mentions a 20-inning Fillmore County League amateur game on August 10, 1952, won by Spring Grove over Mabel 13-9. Unknown information:

  • What city and what ballpark was this game played at?
  • What were the nicknames of these two teams?
  • What was the time of game?

The earliest 20 or more inning Minnesota marathon has just been discovered. On September 12, 1901, Lake Benton defeated Pipestone 3-2 in 20 innings in a game that took 3 hours, 45 minutes to play. The game is described in the February 18, 1935 edition of the Albert Lea Evening Tribune. Apparently the game was organized by the publisher of the Lake Benton News, R. A. Turner, who later published the Brookings (South Dakota) Press.

  • What was the ballpark where this game was played?
  • In which city was this played?
  • What was the attendance?

Here is the current list of Minnesota marathons going 20 or more innings:

  • 21 innings St. Cloud 6/??/1912 Collegians 5, Abeles 2.
  • 20 innings Nicollet Park, Minneapolis 6/9/1914 - American Association, Minneapolis Millers 3, Louisville Colonels 2 in 3:31 1500 fans.
  • 21 innings Mankato or Owatonna - ?/??/1914 to 1918 - Southern Minnesota League.
  • 24 innings Riverside Park, Shakopee 8/13/1950 Minnesota River League Shakopee Indians 4, St. Peter Saints 3 in 5:00 finished at 7:30 PM.
  • 21 innings Rox Park, St. Cloud 7/25/1966 and 8/28/1966 Huron Phillies 8, St. Cloud Rox 2 in 5:39, suspended after 4:20 and 16 innings, originally decided to play entire game over, but then decided to complete game from point of suspension 951 fans on 7/25, 343 fans on 8/28 suspended at 11:50 PM on 7/25.
  • 20 innings Met Stadium, Bloomington 8/9/1967 Senators 9, Twins 7 in 5:40 16,901 fans, 4000 fans at end finished at 1:44 AM in the early morning of 8/10.
  • 20 innings Barney Tadsen Field, Brownton - 9/9/1971 Town Team League Hector Flyers 4, Stark (later Stark Longhorns) 2 in 5:30, rain delay 0:20 at start 200 fans, 150 fans at end - finished at 11:50 PM.
  • 22 innings Met Stadium, Bloomington 5/12/1972 and 5/13/1972 Brewers 4, Twins 3 in 5:47, suspended after 5:35 and 21 innings 8,628 fans on 5/12, 7,871 fans on 5/13 suspended at 1:05 AM in the early morning of 5/13.
  • 20 innings Arlington - 8/26/1976 Town Team League - Cyrus 2, Fairfax Cardinals 1 in 4:35 finished at 10:05 PM.
  • 20 innings Mayo Field, Rochester - 5/10/1986 and 5/20/1986 Rochester Mayo High School Spartans 3, Mankato East High School Cougars 2 in 6:15, rain delay 1:30 bottom 10th, suspended after 3:00 and 9 ½ innings 125 fans on 5/10 suspended at 3:30 PM on 5/10, finished at 8:15 PM on 5/20.
  • 22 innings Humphrey Metrodome, Minneapolis 8/31/1993 Twins 5 Indians 4 in 6:17 17,968 fans, 1,500 fans at end finished at 1:22 AM in the early morning of 9/1.
  • 21 innings Byron High School Field, Byron and Eckstein Field, Plainview 6/22/2003 and 7/6/2003 Twin Rivers League Byron Braves 4, Plainview Bucks 3 in 7:15, suspended after 5:00 and 15 innings in Byron, resumed in Plainview 15 fans in Byron, 20 fans in Plainview suspended at 6:00 PM on 6/22, finished at 9:45 PM on 7/6.
  • 28 innings Vic Kapsner Memorial Park, Lastrup 7/23/2005 Lastrup Lakers 1 Pierz Brewers 0 in 5:50 100 fans; 300 fans at end - finished at 7:25 PM.

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Subscription Renewals Due

Subscriptions to receive a printed copy of The Holy Cow! in the mail each month will expire at the end of June. Due to a snafu in the mailing the last few months, those who want to continue receiving a printed copy for the next year may do so for the reduced price of $8 (the regular price is $15). Send a check for $8, made out to Halsey Hall SABR, by July 1 to Kevin Hennessy, 608 Grand Avenue, St. Paul, Minnesota 55102-2610.

New Members

James McLauchlin, Michael Josephson, Dean Sanders, and Joseph Williams have recently joined SABR and are now part of the Halsey Hall Chapter. Welcome.

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Many other benefits are available through the members-only site, including the SABR Baseball Encyclopedia, which includes links to information from the SABR Home Run Log. Until the end of 2006, ProQuest will be available to SABR members. (The bad news regarding ProQuest is that the company will no longer make it available to SABR members starting in 2007.)

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    July 8—Hot Stove Saturday Morning, Bakers Square, 66th and Xerxes, Richfield, 9:00 a.m. For more information, contact Mark Johnson, 612-822-9638, mtjohnson10@mn.rr.com.

    July 16—Research Roundtable, Perkins Restaurant, 4917 Eden Avenue, Edina, 6:00 p.m.

    August 12—Book Club Meeting, Barnes & Noble, Edina, 9:30 a.m., The Spirit of St. Louis: A History of the St. Louis Cardinals and Browns by Peter Golenbock. For more information, contact Tom Dolen, 651-483-8617.

    October 21—Fall Chapter Meeting. For more information, contact Howard Luloff, 952-922-5036, hfan77@webtv.net.

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