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Halsey Hall Chapter
Society for American Baseball Research

First-Time SABR Authors/Presenters at Halsey Hall Chapter Meetings


First-time Presenters at Chapter Meeting:

Ed Wehling, May 8, 2021, Baseball Jerseys

Hans Van Slooten, May 8, 2021, The First (Known) Computer Baseball Simulation?

Dave Lande (with Gene Gomes), November 13, 2021, Tutorial on Doing a Game Story for the SABR Games Project


First-time Presenter at Chapter Meeting:

Dirk Lammers, November 7, 2020, None-and-Done: The Moonlight Grahams of No-hit Debuts

First-Time Authors

SABR BioProject:
Gene Gomes, Abner Powell (January 2020)

Baseball’s Biggest Blowout Games (September 2020):
Anders Koskinen, Milwaukee Brewers Blowouts and Gallardo’s K’s Overshadowed as Brewers Pummel Cubs, 18-1

Brent Heutmaker, Twins Opponents Should Pray When Playing on May 20 and Lineup Changes Result in a 20-Run Explosion

First-Time Interviewers/Interviewees for SABR Oral History Research Committee

Dan Levitt interview of Stew Thornley, January 29, 2022

Jim Cox and Gene Gomes are looking for ways (and accepting suggestions) for how to best recognize first-time authors and presenters within the chapter. Contact them with ideas.

First-timers may alert Stew Thornley to be recognized on this page.

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